Frequently Asked Questions

Trusting your computers to secure your information these days safely is not the best thing to do. At any time, your computer can get all worked up and lose your files. What do you do then? Get an external hard drive? Nah, not everyone enjoys carrying an external storage device around.

Takefile is a data storage website where you can secure your important files by uploading them and downloading anytime you need them. It hosts your files, stores and provides backup for those files. With Takefile, you can access personal data from a variety of computers. With this life hosting provider, you can e-mail files that have large sizes, with ease. Are you interested in the services of Takefile? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that might be of help.

Why should I use is perfect for securing your files with a strong backup. With this life hosting provider, you can always download your files again and again with 100% access, even after many years. With, you will be able to host files, videos, images, and audios. Also, you will be able to speedily send files that are too large for e-mail and even share your files with family, friends, and public.

What kinds of files can be uploaded?

You can upload all kinds. From documents to videos, to images, name it. The only kind of file will not allow – offensive materials pornography, sexual images, and copyrighted materials.

Can I delete a file I uploaded?

Yes, you can always delete any file after uploading. To delete, use the Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload process. Should in case you have lost your removal code, you can just wait till the file expires, and it will be automatically deleted.

Can I access the files other people uploaded?

No, you cannot. Takefile guarantees 100% confidentiality. You can only access someone else’s files if the person grants you access by sharing with you, likewise you too. So, once you upload, you can share your files or keep it for yourself to be downloaded anytime you need it and from wherever you are.

What other benefits do I enjoy by signing up with

By signing up as a premium user, you can earn money from downloads, Premium sales, Rebills, and VIP file sales.

What is the least file size that I can earn from?

Only files bigger than 2MB are qualified for earnings and only completed downloads will be counted for earnings.

Can I have more than one Takefile account?

No, you can’t. One account is for each user. Having more than one account as a user will attract immediate banning.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount depends on the payment method you have chosen.

What are the payment methods available?

We pay via PayPal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shrill, and Payoneer.

How many days does it take withdrawals to be processed?

Usually 12hours days after the request.

Can my file be removed?

Yes. Any file with no download after 45 days will be removed.

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